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Welcome to my site dedicated to all things Punch and Judy. My name is Gari and for some years have been running the famous Brighton Punch and Judy, and my own site as "Professor Dill’s Punch and Judy". This is a new site dedicated to my love of all things Punch and Judy. I have been performing Punch and Judy as a living for many years and have been proud to have brought such a wonderful puppet show available to a whole new generation of kids. As well as fetes and fairs and sports days throughout the country I also perform Punch and Judy in schools, children’s parties and community events all through the year - including the special Mr Punch’s Christmas party show!
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Our show at Tudor Barn Well Hall Pleasaunce London June 2015

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Indoor or Outdoor Shows

The picture above shows my outdoor show in one of it’s regular events at the historic "The Tudor Barn" London. As you can see the shows pulls in very big crowds - there are a lot more people there but the picture is actually cropped! A groundsheet is generally set down for the children and parents to sit on and the crowd just keeps getting bigger. The outdoor show uses a state of the art high powered battery system that is perfect for any size event. The show can last between 20 minutes and half an hour - the full show is 30 minutes long and is full of audience participation. The whole show is based around the puppets talking directly to the children and quite often getting into arguments with them. There is a lot of laughing and and awful lot of children shouting their heads of at some very badly behaved puppets - Classic entertainment that really can’t be beaten!

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A happy birthday boy! Odiham 2015
Dear Prof Dill,  I simply cannot thank you enough for everything you did on Saturday for Aoife’s party. It was a little scary booking entertainment without any recommendations or having seen your show, but you surpassed all expectations! You have a wonderful gift; all 15 of the children, plus many of their very very small siblings, were totally captivated for the entire performance. I can’t tell you how happy it made both myself and John to watch our daughter enjoy her first big birthday party so much, we are so very grateful to you. You are a joy to watch. I hope one day we will see you again. Best wishes,  
Natalie Hick
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Worth Park Victorian Picnic Crawley 2017

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Classic Kids Entertainment

On this page you can see some photos of my show taken recently - the one on the right was taken at a private party in the gardens of Hampton Court. But the shows do not have to be done outside. Punch and Judy works perfectly well - possibly even better indoors. The outdoor booth needs grass to set itself down on. It has ropes and tent pegs to anchor it. The indoor booth is much smaller and will fit in any indoor environment from church hall to living room. The picture below shows a small birthday 6th party in the chapel in RAF Odiham .
Indoors or outdoors the entertainment is the same. Punch and Judy has lasted over 350 years because for tow reasons - firstly puppets shows are completely magical and the second reason is Punch and Judy is quite simply the best puppet show in the world!
Sunshine and Fun at the Singleton Fete 2017

The undoubted hilight of the day was Professor Dill’s (Gari Owen) Great British Punch and Judy Show. Scores of children with smiling adults in the background, screamed, gasped and booed their way through an enthralling perfromance. It was a great joy to see the chldren really engaged with this very tradtitional entertainment.
The Valley Diary
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My Punch and Judy Show at Hampton Court July 2015

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Indoors or Outdoors for Fetes, Fairs, Schools and children’s parties. The best, and noisiest entertainment for kids!

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